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If you own a business, you know marketing is an essential component of your work and connecting to your audience with relevance and value is critical. It’s about building meaningful relationships to position yourself as a trusted and reliable resource in a given category. A solid communications strategy and compelling creative services combined with hands-on tactical, monitoring and evaluation are just the beginning of how The Houseton Group develops PR, Media, and Marketing campaigns to effectively position our clients along the digital, social media, and traditional marketing landscape.

Website Design & SEO

Social Media Marketing

Strategic Communications

URL to IRL Strategies

Our Services Include:

 - Social Media & Internet Marketing

 - URL to IRL (In Real Life) Events

 - Owned, Earned, Paid, and Converged Media

 - Content Development, Stringing & Copywriting

 - Creative Campaigns  & Graphic Design

 - Website Development & Analytics

 - Market Research & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

 - Campaign Measurement & Evaluation

What We Do

in Austin, TX: (512) 481-2736  |  in Washington, DC: (202) 996-8833
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The Houseton Group focuses on Social Media Marketing and Strategic Communications Integration. We connect businesses to their audience(s) by changing definitions and designing platforms to effectively cultivate unique relationships across the social media landscape.

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